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Shuwaikh Port

Shuwaikh Port is considered Kuwait’s main commercial Port. It is located at the heart of Kuwait City, in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area. Shuwaikh Port stands at a total of 4.4 million square meters, with the basin measuring to be 1.2million square meters.  

Shuwaikh Port has 21 piers differing in size and depth to accommodate a vas array of vessels. The nautical line that ships use to enter the port is a dredged channel which scales to the length of around 87km and at the lowest measurement of depth with low tide in mind would be around 8.5m. The Port also provides a total open storage of above 450,000 square meters as well as warehouse storage of 170,000 square meters.
Shuwaikh Port receives (More than 500,000 containers) annually. It also serves as a passenger cruise/transport ships/boat.


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Oct. 17, 2021

Shuwaikh Port

Port weather

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  • Sunny
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  • 0.0 mm
  • Wind :
  • 20 km/h
  • Wind Direction :
  • WNW
  • Visibility :
  • 10%
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